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Art at St Francis Xavier's 
Pupil voice by the School Council


Ben, "Each class studies the same artist for one term. We learn all about the artist, such as what inspired them and their techniques. We study a range of genres, including architects (people who design houses) classical paintings. I really like when I can push myself to be creative in the style of an artist." 

Zofia, "We learn about what the colours represent. For example, a picture of painting with dark colours might represent that the people are sad or unhappy. However, a picture with bright colours might show people are feeling happy." 

Henry, "We also look at pictures that are odd-looking which are abstract pictures."

Freya, "The thing I like most about Art is that it is a calm lesson. I enjoy making abstract art because it is unusual and fun! The best thing is that we do art in lots of different lessons, like in History we got to make things from clay which linked to our learning. Art is everywhere!" 

Keira, "Art is a fun and creative lesson. It is really exciting when my picture gets displayed." 

Year 4 - Joan Miro - The Farm.

Year 4 - Joan Miro - The Farm. 1
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