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Reception Class Teacher

Mrs J. Moore

Autumn Topic Web 2017

Easter Garden

Easter Garden 1
Easter Garden 2

Eggs wearing hats competition

Eggs wearing hats competition  1
Eggs wearing hats competition  2
Eggs wearing hats competition  3
Eggs wearing hats competition  4
Eggs wearing hats competition  5
Eggs wearing hats competition  6
Eggs wearing hats competition  7
Eggs wearing hats competition  8
Eggs wearing hats competition  9
Eggs wearing hats competition  10
Eggs wearing hats competition  11
Eggs wearing hats competition  12
Eggs wearing hats competition  13
Eggs wearing hats competition  14
Eggs wearing hats competition  15
Eggs wearing hats competition  16
Eggs wearing hats competition  17
Eggs wearing hats competition  18
Eggs wearing hats competition  19
Eggs wearing hats competition  20

Chicks arrive!

Chicks arrive! 1
Chicks arrive! 2
Chicks arrive! 3
Chicks arrive! 4
Chicks arrive! 5
Chicks arrive! 6
Chicks arrive! 7
Chicks arrive! 8
Chicks arrive! 9
Chicks arrive! 10

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4

Welly walk

Welly walk 1
Welly walk 2
Welly walk 3
Welly walk 4
The children were delighted to go on their welly walk. Some of the children collected up the leaves, digging into the ground to start getting the soil ready for planting. Other children worked together to make their own obstacle course using planks, reels and tyres. They helped each other balance.

Dragonfly Experiments

Dragonfly Experiments 1
Dragonfly Experiments 2
Dragonfly Experiments 3
Dragonfly Experiments 4
The children made their dragonfly. They tried to make the wings symmetrical. They then attached a paper clip to the wings. Next they had to balance the dragonfly on their finger tip and take it for a walk. The children found that extra paper clips made the wings droop because they were too heavy.

Cross Country Run

Cross Country Run 1
Cross Country Run 2
Cross Country Run 3
Cross Country Run 4
The children took part in a sponsored cross country run to raise money for the NSPCC.

The Tiger who came to tea

The Tiger who came to tea 1

The children make the food

The children make the food 1 Spreading the jam
The children make the food 2 Cutting the sandwich in half
The children make the food 3 Weighing out the flour
The children make the food 4 Weighing out the ingredients
The children make the food 5 Weighing out sugar
The children make the food 6 Using the weighing scales
The children make the food 7 Mixing the ingredients
The children make the food 8 Cracking the eggs
The children make the food 9 Stirring the mixture
The children make the food 10 Putting the cake mixtures in the cases
The children enjoyed the story of the Tiger who came for tea.

preparing for the tea party

preparing for the tea party 1
preparing for the tea party 2
preparing for the tea party 3
preparing for the tea party 4

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo 1
Dear Zoo 2
Dear Zoo 3
Dear Zoo 4
The children design and build a zoo for the animals.

Measuring Snakes

 Measuring Snakes 1
 Measuring Snakes 2
 Measuring Snakes 3
 Measuring Snakes 4
 Measuring Snakes 5
 Measuring Snakes 6
 The children made their snakes using playdough. They then measured their snakes and recorded the measurements. Next they selected jewels to make a pattern on their snake.

Elmer Problem Solving

Elmer Problem Solving 1
Elmer Problem Solving 2
Elmer Problem Solving 3
Elmer Problem Solving 4
 The children were asked to estimate how many bricks it would take to fill Elmer. The children thought it would take hundreds if they used the small bricks. They then selected bricks of different sizes and colours to see if they could fill Elmer.

Elmer Activities

Elmer Activities 1 Elmer masks
Elmer Activities 2 Elmer challenge
Elmer Activities 3 Adding different textures
Elmer Activities 4 Printing circular patterns
Elmer Activities 5 Printing on the Crocodile
Elmer Activities 6 Adding PVA glue
Inspired by Elmer the children made a collaborative Crocodile in the style of Elmer using a range of textures.


Patterns 1
Patterns 2
Patterns 3
Patterns 4
Patterns 5
Patterns 6

Welly walk

Welly walk 1
Welly walk 2
Welly walk 3
Welly walk 4
Welly walk 5
Welly walk 6


Superheroes  1
Superheroes  2
Superheroes  3
Superheroes  4


Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4
Christmas 5
Christmas 6
Christmas 7
Christmas 8

Winter wonderland visit

Winter wonderland visit 1
Winter wonderland visit 2
Winter wonderland visit 3
Winter wonderland visit 4
Winter wonderland visit 5
Winter wonderland visit 6
Winter wonderland visit 7
Winter wonderland visit 8
Winter wonderland visit 9
Winter wonderland visit 10
Winter wonderland visit 11
Winter wonderland visit 12

First days at school

 First days at school 1
 First days at school 2
 First days at school 3
 First days at school 4
 First days at school 5
 First days at school 6
 First days at school 7
 First days at school 8
 First days at school 9
 First days at school 10
 First days at school 11
 First days at school 12
 First days at school 13
 First days at school 14
 First days at school 15