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St Francis Xavier's RC Primary School

‘The Spirit of God Shines in Our Hearts'


Reception Class Teacher

Mrs J. Moore

Autumn Term Topic Web 2018

Spring Term Topic Web 2019

Picture 1 Deacon Eddie visits Reception
Picture 2 Children model the stoles
Picture 1 Sorting
Picture 2 Subtraction

The house made of sticks

The house made of sticks 1 Willow was selected to make a frame
The house made of sticks 2 The children wove ribbon and willow
The house made of sticks 3 The children test the house
The house made of sticks 4 The finished house

Artwork inspired by Tinga Tinga Art

Artwork inspired by Tinga Tinga Art 1

Welly walk

Welly walk 1 Snack time
Welly walk 2 Making bug hotels
Welly walk 3 Finding places for bug hotels
Welly walk 4 Digging for bugs

First Days

First Days 1 Snack time
First Days 2 Enjoying the sunshine
First Days 3 Making a tall tower
First Days 4 Making 3 D shapes
First Days 5 Reception at the Medical Centre
First Days 6 Would you like to book an appointment?
First Days 7 Getting ready for work
First Days 8 Medical Centre Role Play
First Days 9 Can I listen to your heart?
First Days 10 I am ready!
First Days 11 Home Corner
First Days 12 My babies!
First Days 13 Family get together
First Days 14 I am making a house!
First Days 15 Trucks in the sand pit
First Days 16 Children in the sand pit!
First Days 17 Ice-cream anyone?
First Days 18 Playing in the sand
First Days 19 Water Play
First Days 20 Where is the water going?
First Days 21 Remote Control Cars
First Days 22 A house for my pretend rabbit
First Days 23 In the tunnel!
First Days 24 Playing in the Welly Area
First Days 25 Waiting at the bus stop!
First Days 26 All aboard for your ride!
First Days 27 Building a wall
First Days 28 Working together