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Pupil voice


Will (Year 5), "I enjoy science because we learn about a range of different interesting topics, including: materials, space, forces and animals."

Kevin (Year 5), "I like science because we get to take part in exciting experiments. We make predictions about what we think will happen and then test to see if we are correct."

Ricquelme (Year 5), "We do a lot of myth-busting in science! We investigate different theories and see if they are correct using experiments and research."

Luke (Year 5), "I loved finding out facts about the planets on the iPads like the surface temperate on every planet."

Ben (Year 5), "Sometimes when we do experiments our family come in and join us. We did the Egg Drop Challenge where we had to design and make a protective case using which materials we thought were strongest." 

Freya (Year 4), "I love learning about electricity because we investigate all the different types of circuits with equipment and link it all together. If the circuit is broken, the bulb won't light up and we have to fix it."

Zofia (Year 3), "We learn about rocks and got to make our own fossils. We take part in fun experiments like we have chocolate-chip cookies and we take out the chocolate chips with cocktail sticks. We watch really funny and interesting videos." 

Learning about Newton’s Third Law of Motion in Stem Club. A balloon provides a simple example of how a rocket engine works. The air trapped inside the balloon pushes out the open end, causing the balloon to move forward. The force of the air escaping is the ‘action’ and the movement of the balloon forward is the ‘reaction‘.

Creating the digestive system in a shoe box.

Learning about Earth and Space in Year 5.

What happens to our food - Year 6.

What happens to our food - Year 6. 1
What happens to our food - Year 6. 2

Year 4 learning about tooth decay and how to care for your teeth. Thank you Mrs Michniok for talking to us about dentistry.

Year 4 and 5 had a fabulous science day at St Mary’s High School learning about food chains and habitats, birds of prey and the solar system.

Year 4 - Making an electric car using our circuit knowledge.

Electrical Circuits - Year 4

Year 4 learning about sound.