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Before and After School Activities

Pupil Voice 


Henry, "In Rounders club we learned sporting skills. I really like batting because you get to try and hit it really far. It is so satisfiyng when you get a full rounder!" 

Zofia," We went to a Rounders club and five people were chosen to go to a tournament! I am really excited!"

Jacob, " I go to Breakfast club every Wednesday and I feel extremely comfortable. We get to play with a variety of toys and have many food options to chose from. We also get to choose our drink!"

Keira, "I go to Eco Club every Thursday and I find it interesting learning about all of the different plants. I also like finding out how we can keep our environment safe."

Freya, "I go to Dance Club every Wednesday and I learn how to do lots of different dances, such as Street Dance, Jazz and Break Dance. My favourite part is the stretches we do at the end."

James,"Any day of the week, I can go to Team Bees. We play tons of fun games, my favourite game we play is Football."

Imogen,"I go to Craft Club every Thursday, we make loads of interesting things from slime to making bird feeders. We also made things for the Summer Fete."

Breakfast Club

We have a thriving breakfast club that runs from 7.45 am - 8.40 am each morning.  The cost is £2.50 per session.  If you wish your child to attend the breakfast club please complete the application form below. 

From September 2019 all bookings for the breakfast club will need to be made, two days in advance, through ParentPay.  If you child has not attended the breakfast club previously please make the staff aware of any allergies or medical conditions they may have.

The booking process is easy and similar to booking school dinners.

Please follow the instructions below to book:



2. Select the child to make booking for

3. Select Bookings > Make or view bookings

4. Choose Breakfast from drop down box

5. Select the week to view

6. Select Make or view bookings

7. Make required bookings

8.  A summary will be displayed at the bottom of the page

9.  Review and confirm bookings

10. Make payment 


If you need to use the breakfast club due to a last minute change of plans (i.e. parent unwell) we will accommodate your child and bill you separately.


Any problems please contact the school office.


Breakfast Club application form


At  St Francis Xavier's R.C School, we are proud to offer children a range of extra-curricular clubs throughout the school year. The variety of clubs on offer is outlined below. Information is sent out termly to parents.



Before School Clubs

Breakfast club

7:45- 8:40

£2.50 a sessions: thriving activities and a healthy start to the day

After School Sporting Clubs

Mixed Football/Athletics

and Kwik Cricket
Year 3 and 4


Football skills, drills and games

Mixed Football/Athletics

and Kwik Cricket
Year 5 and 6


Sporting skills, drills and games

Hi Five/Rounders 

Tuesday and Thursday

Develop skills, teamwork and compete in netball and hi-five games

Nicola’s Dance Club


Develop choreography, rhythm and coordination



Co-ordination, balance, throwing and catching

Other After School Clubs



Rehearse and develop acting skills and performance

Eco Club


Learning how to develop our school’s environment sustainably



Engineering and teamwork skills


Lunch Time Clubs


Monday lunchtime

Whole-school fitness and fun activity



Play tournaments in mixed age groups to develop skills

Singing Club KS1


Rehearse singing and performance skills

First Communion

Preparation Class

Lunchtime Preparing for the sacrament of communion
KS2 Choir Lunchtime Singing and performance skills for Young Voices and Herefordshire Festival