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‘The Spirit of God Shines in Our Hearts'

Religious Education

Our Religious Education Curriculum

Pupil Voice - Religious Education


" I love doing RE, best subject ever. I like it because the school takes it as very important and this is where our life comes from." Y5

" If we didn't do RE we wouldn't know about God, how to love each other." Y5

” I enjoy RE because we do lots of fun things and learn about God and the bible. “ Y4
“ I like it when we do art pieces, it inspires me to believe in Jesus.” Y4

 ”RE is like when you go to church, it makes me happy.” Y4

” In RE we learn about Christ and how he fulfilled his mission.” Y6

” In RE we talk about God and Jesus and remember them in our hearts.” Y2

" We learnt that Jesse is the father of King David, an ancestor of Jesus."  Y3

" We did about the Advent wreath, it has an everlasting circle of everlasting life.... we learnt the song ' When is he coming."  Y3

" We learnt about Birthdays, we set the table, we had food, cake, presents and drinks. We played games like pass the parcel. We were getting ready for  Jesus' birthday. In our crib we had baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, stars, an angel, three kings and shepherds."


" When baptised you wear white and special prayer water is poured over your head and they say, " I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen."  YR


Pupil Voice - Praise and Worship

" This is my life and I can rule it as long as I follow God's rules, it helps me to feel free... not so formal but that's OK."  Y5

" Makes me feel closer to God, singing loudly. Makes me want to be a good person." Y5




Pupil Voice- Collective Worship

"Two people from the class are chosen for collective worship. They stay in at lunchtime and prepare it.  Me and Nina did about Noah and Layla did a nice prayer." Y3


" You can sign up to do collective worship if you would like to do it. Our teacher gives us cards to help us. We use a PowerPoint. We did about Catherine Laboure and the miraculous medal and we did about the Rosary."   Y6


"Two people organise it, the cards are under the board- gather, mission, prayer and readings. We use the ideas on the list. I did the Rosary with Kasey."  Y4


" We did an assembly on faith filled and hopeful- hopeful to get more faith, faith gets stronger and fills you up. Gandi said " if you have a few drops in the ocean, that doesn't mean everything is dirty."  Y4

Pupil Voice- Meditation

" I like Meditation " Nadia YR

" After lunch we meditate to calm ourselves down, to have some time with God." Luiza Y5

" Maranatha  means 'Come Lord Jesus come.' Jacob Y2

" We meditate after lunch, we put our heads on the table, we say 'maranatha- Come Lord Jesus ' meditation relaxes you, helps you prepare for our lesson and gives us a time to be with Jesus." Lily- Anna and Christopher Y6

" After playtime we sit down, cross our legs, we hear the music, we say maranatha- come Lord Jesus come. We hear the dings and when it does three we have to be super quiet for one minute." Isla and Nadia  YR


Pupil Voice (School Council)


Ben (Year 5), "We learn about our own religion and other religions, such as Judasim and Islam. We went to the Synagogue and a Jewish lady taught us about all the symbols and the features of a synagogue."

Keira, "A muslim artist visited our school and we learnt about all the words used for God (Allah). We used bamboo pens and ink to make our own artwork." 

Computing and I.T

Congratulations Zofia, on becoming an altar server.

Reception making their Advent Wreath

RE Home Learning

Learning Logs- RE



Year 1 really enjoyed learning about Judaism this week. We especially enjoyed learning the story of Moses leading his people to The Promised Land, representing the story visually in a number of ways to help us remember it.  

Year 4 - September’s Prayer focus - I Confess and Post It note cross.


Godly Play in Year 1: The Nativity

Year 1 had a wonderful Godly Play session with Mrs. Fawcett exploring with absolute awe and wonder, the magic of the Nativity story. 

Godly Play - As part of Year 4's topic - People, the children learned about God's great plan and how Abraham and Sarah left their home and travelled through the desert.

St Vincent's House Assembly - we welcome all our new members.

Making an Easter Garden in Reception

Reception Children make streamers to share the good news that Jesus is alive!

As part of our ‘Community’ topic, Year 4 designed their own Prayer Cards and gave them to Father Micheal to comfort parishioners when they lose loved ones. After the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, the Prayer Cards were sent to Christians to support them. BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester interviewed the children and it was aired on Sunday 5th May during the Breakfast Show.

Inspired by the Passion play by Y5 the Reception children choose to make a cross

RE displays

Palm Sunday Sign Language Poem

Still image for this video

The Easter Mystery - Godly Play.

Year 4 experienced how Peter felt when Jesus, their teacher, washed the disciples’ feet. They linked it to Giotto’s painting and scripture.

As part of Year 4’s topic, Community and the Funeral Mass focus, they designed and wrote prayer cards and gave them to Father Micheal to support people in need.

Writing our own Penitential Act

Faith-filled and Hopeful Assembly.

Godly Play - God’s Great Family. Year 4.

Jesus is Presented at the Temple