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Geography Policy


Pupil Voice


Mylo (Year 1) ‘I loved going on a treasure hunt with a map and learning about the flags and colouring them the right colour.’

Kamil (Year 2) I am curious about everything and I love finding out about new places in the world.  Learning about the rice fields in China was very interesting.’

James (Year 3), ‘I love Geography, we have learnt all about canals and we even got to make our own canal boats.’

Grace (Year 4) ‘It has been interesting learning about volcanoes and what is going on under the ground. We watched some amazing videos about the eruptions and explosions. We are making out own volcanoes’

Ben (Year 5) ‘In Geography, I enjoy looking on Google maps and we learn about reading grid references. It is interesting to learn about new places and when we are older, I will know how to use google maps to find out how to get places.’

Luke (Year 5) ‘We went on an interesting trip to a river and studied how the water flows on either side of the bank. We dropped a dog biscuit -because it would float and will not harm the water- from a bridge and timed how long it took to travel in different parts. We found out that the water flowed the fastest in the middle. When we visited the Water Treatment Centre we were learning about how to take care of the rivers and we even went pond dipping!’

Learning about Herefordshire farming - growing apples and hops at Stocks Farm.

Year 4 loved learning about Volcanoes.

Year 4 loved learning about Volcanoes. 1
Year 4 loved learning about Volcanoes. 2

Year 1 Map Work

Year 1 Map Work 1
Year 1 Map Work 2
Year 1 Map Work 3
Year 1 Map Work 4
Year 1 Map Work 5
Year 1 Map Work 6
Year 1 Map Work 7
Year 1 Map Work 8
Year 1 Map Work 9
Year 1 Map Work 10

Year 1 have enjoyed their map work topic.  They learnt the compass points and how they are used in map work. They took part in activities where they went on a treasure hunt and followed a map, they designed their own town and discussed the features that they included, they assembled a table top map from written instructions and made a town using role play equipment.


Year Five Trip to Welsh Water (River study)

Year 4 making and using a fortune teller to learn about European country facts.