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Science Long Term Plan

Pupil voice


Isabella (Year 6) "I loved learning about light. Even though light is measured in waves, it always travels in straight lines. When light hits a smooth surface it reflects."

Oscar (Year 6) "Light can bounce off most objects and travel into our eyes."

Keira (Year 5) "I enjoyed separating materials and choosing the best way of achieving it."

Alfie (Year 5) "I enjoyed being able to choose to draw a line graph to show my results."

Isiah (Year 4) "I loved learning the Water Cycle Rap - it helped me remember how the water cycle works."

Ashleigh (Year 4) "I like using a thermometer and taking the temperature using negative numbers - just like maths."

Poppy (Year 3) "I enjoyed putting lots of things in a dark box and looking through a hole to see if it was a source of light."

Anabella (Year 3) "I liked making shadows and making the Christmas Tree shadow in design and technology."

Olivia (Year 2) "Some people chuck plastic in the oceans. That's a bad thing."

Ruth (Year 2) "I like science because it is fun and interesting. I liked seeing if objects changed shape (materials)."

Billy (Year 1) "I liked sniffing and feeling things (senses)."

Bobby (Year1) "I learned about seasons and I can feel my bones in my body."

Harry (Reception) "The water was frozen. In winter time it gets very cold and animals don't have food."

Evie (Reception) "We went outside and saw the penguins in the ice. They like cold places."

We love learning about science at home!

Home learning - Year 1

Forces Topic Year 5

STEM Club - Don't tip the ship! The children investigated the best boat designs, built different boats and tested how much weight could be added to them before they sank.

Sound - Investigating pitch, volume and vibrations using musical instruments.

Using computing skills (decibel app) to measure different sounds around the school -even a helicopter!

Year 6 Light Topic

Using a thermometer and investigating the relationship of temperature and changes of state.

Year 1 Exploring the Seasons

As well as our weather watching walk, Year 1 enjoyed exploring the four seasons through a range of games and activities. They loved dressing the dolls and packing a suitcase with appropriate clothes for the different seasons as well as experiences the main changes across the seasons using our Marco Polo weather app. 

Year 6 Science ~ Animals including Humans~ Autumn term

Investigating the digestive system.

Jacob in Year 3 loved creating the inside of the human body.

Year 5 Phases of the Moon... with biscuits!

We love science in Reception!

We conclude that Coke and Ribena are very bad for your teeth! That’s why we drink water at SFX.

Year 1: Exploring our Senses

What fun Year 1 had exploring our senses carousel. After our sights and sounds quiz we enjoying smelling, touching and tasting activities. The chocolate was yummy but the lemon was a bit of a shock to our taste buds!

Flat vs Spherical Earth Theory debates in Year Five

Investigating which drinks attack out tooth enamel. I predict ..........

Learning about our teeth.

St Mary’s Science Festival 2019 - Year 4

The electric car is ready to race!

Parents’ Invitation - can you crack Morse Code?

British Science Week 2019 - Year 4. Does salt dough conduct electricity?

Investigating circuits....

STEM Club - creating geodesic domes.

Year 6 visited the Innovation Engineering School at Wolverhampton University, for exciting STEM activities with their Formula One Racing Team.

Science Week 2019 Year Five Spaghetti Bridges

We can make predictions in Reception.

Stem Club - I can make the highest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. I wonder what shape has the most strength?

Investigating sound proofing materials

STEM Club - we are engineers. Making a strong paper bridge to span two cups.

Have you seen any gas?

Investigating temperature and linking it to negative numbers in maths.

Learning about Newton’s Third Law of Motion in Stem Club. A balloon provides a simple example of how a rocket engine works. The air trapped inside the balloon pushes out the open end, causing the balloon to move forward. The force of the air escaping is the ‘action’ and the movement of the balloon forward is the ‘reaction‘.

Dr Landolfi talked to Year 4 about the digestive system.

Creating the digestive system in a shoe box.

Learning about Earth and Space in Year 5.

What happens to our food - Year 6.

Year 4 learning about tooth decay and how to care for your teeth. Thank you Mrs Michniok for talking to us about dentistry.

Year 4 and 5 had a fabulous science day at St Mary’s High School learning about food chains and habitats, birds of prey and the solar system.

Year 4 - Making an electric car using our circuit knowledge.

Electrical Circuits - Year 4

Year 4 learning about sound.