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SFX Science Long Term Plan 2020/21

Our Curriculum Knowledge - what do we know and remember?

Pupil voice - what do we know and remember?

Reception - Learning about Bees. 

Some bees make their nest underground.

 Bees get nectar from flowers and pollen gets stuck to them.

Worker bees kick out the drones from the hive.

Year 1: Learning about the seasons.

The thermometer tells us if it's hot or cold.

I learned that I can change the weather from warm to hot (using the weather app).

I liked dressing the dolls in the correct clothes for the season.

There are four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Year 2 - Learning about life cycles and keeping healthy.

I loved learning about the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly.

We have been learning about keeping clean and healthy. I like the healthy menu plan; banana and milk are good for you.

I know about the basic needs of a human and an animal. It's good to have toast for breakfast and an apple for a snack.

Year 3 - Learning about skeletons and muscles.

The rib cage protects our lungs and hydrostatic is a skeleton with no bones in it, just muscle.

I enjoyed learning about the different bones in our skeleton, especially the skull.

I know that an exoskeleton has its bones on the outside. I predicted what muscles I would use if I was reading a book and sitting against a wall.

I know where all the muscles are and I can show you on my body.

I know the cranium protects your brain.

Year 4 - Learning about teeth and the digestive system.I like learning about the enamel on your teeth. It made me understand why they go bad and you can get holes.

 We made a model of the teeth using play dough and it helped us learn about each tooth and its function.

We shouldn't eat sweets too much but we can, just for a treat, but we must brush our teeth afterwards to get the sugar off.

 I enjoyed making a model of the digestive system and I know the liver stores fats, minerals and Vitamin C.

Mrs Michniok (dentist) taught us about different toothbrushes and how to brush our teeth properly. We also had a fun quiz.

Year 5 - Learning about space.

I wrote about a day on the ISS and the tasks and tests the astronauts have to complete.

We drew our own space picture with rockets and planets using pastels based on Peter Thorpe. It helped us learn that space was different colours.

If you look on the Hubble Space telescope you'll find pictures of the universe.

I know that rocky planets are warmer and gas planets are colder. I know the ancient Greeks and Chinese had different thoughts about the shape of the Earth.

Year 6 - Learning about the Circulatory System.

We learned about the different blood cells using cheerios and red food dye. We used marshmellows for the white blood cells.

Red blood cells carry around oxygen and nutrients. White blood cells help us fight off disease.

We experimented on our pulse rate and measured it at rest and after exercise.

 A membrane holds the cell together.

 Making the heart model helped me learn.

 I learned about the heart by making a working pump model so I could see how it works. We build on our knowledge every year. I remember learning about the digestive system in Year 4 - I know even more about it now.



Reception made ice bugs

Reception make predictions about what snails like to eat.

Erupting Volcanoes - Science/DT

Using our knowledge of conductors and Insulators to design a switch.

The Digestive System using an old pair of tights, a bag and some food!

Year 3 Science Skeletons

Year 4 - The Digestive System at Home.

Using a microscope at home.

Year 4 - Learning about the teeth and their functions by making a play dough model.

Year 4 - Learning how to care for our teeth.

Year 4 - We love learning about science at home!

Home learning - Year 1

Year 4 - Sound - Investigating pitch, volume and vibrations using musical instruments.

Year 4 - Using a thermometer and investigating the relationship of temperature and changes of state.

Year 1 Exploring the Seasons

As well as our weather watching walk, Year 1 enjoyed exploring the four seasons through a range of games and activities. They loved dressing the dolls and packing a suitcase with appropriate clothes for the different seasons as well as experiences the main changes across the seasons using our Marco Polo weather app. 

We conclude that Coke and Ribena are very bad for your teeth! That’s why we drink water at SFX.

Year 1: Exploring our Senses

What fun Year 1 had exploring our senses carousel. After our sights and sounds quiz we enjoying smelling, touching and tasting activities. The chocolate was yummy but the lemon was a bit of a shock to our taste buds!

Investigating which drinks attack out tooth enamel. I predict ..........

Learning about our teeth.

We can make predictions in Reception.