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Year 1

Year 1



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Mrs H. Birch                      Mrs E. Caswell


Curriculum Information for Year 1

Autumn Term Topic webs

Read Write Inc. Phonics Sounds

Look at the fun we had last year!

Seasons in Science

We have just begun our Science topic 'Seasonal changes.' We have developed our skills of observing and recording on our weather walk where we used a thermometer and rain gauge equipment to help us. We very much enjoyed exploring our Marco Polo Weather App as well as playing our matching clothes game, dressing the dolls and packing our suitcases for the different seasons. 


Can your child answer these questions?

  • How many seasons are there?
  • Can you name the different seasons?
  • What weather might you find in each season?
  • What clothes might you wear in each seasons?

Sorting objects in Maths

Before we launched into counting objects, we explored the skills of sorting in maths. Mrs Birch was very impressed with our skills and confidence in sorting the same objects in various different ways. Take a look at our slideshow showing some of the sorting we did.

Our Wonderful Families

What a lovely first topic we have in RE celebrating 'Families'. We have started by exploring our own lovely families where we talked to our friends and teachers about what makes our families so special,  drew some fantastic artwork and enjoyed role-playing families in our play. 

Our class Assembly: The virtues 'Grateful' and 'Generous'

It is fair to say we made everybody very proud with our amazing reading, singing, signing and artwork. We gave a strong message about the importance of being grateful for the many wonderful gifts we have in our lives and generous towards others. 
We had such a wonderful Autumn Walk to Churchill Gardens today. After reading 'The Leaf Man' in class, we set ourselves the challenge of finding leaves of as many different shapes and sizes. We talked about the trees they came from and used our knowledge from our Science topic to predict how they might change throughout the year. An enormous thank you to Ali, Craig and Ava for generously opening their garden to us and warming us up with delicious hot dogs! 

Design and Technology: Fabric Faces

We did incredibly well with our first DT project! First we explored and evaluated a range of fabric dolls. Then we practised the skills of joining different materials to fabric by using tape, safety pins, glue and running stitch. Once we had these skills in place we went about designing and making our own fabric faces. Mrs. Birch was very proud of our efforts!

Love of Reading

We love nothing more than celebrating the magic of books in our 'Love of Reading' sessions. Whether we bring our slippers and teddies from home, take part in puppet shows or share a story with children from other classes, we always have a brilliant time. Look out for some of the things we have made for our new outdoor reading sheds!

Representing Number

We have been very busy exploring all the different ways we can represent number. Take a look at these examples using our fingers, numicon, tens frames, dice, base 10 as well as number in numerals and words.

Music: Keeping the pulse using instruments.

Still image for this video
Our Music topic has used Hip Hop music and focussed on the skills of recognising the pulse and rhythm in a piece of music. Firstly we learnt the song 'Hey You' and used our voices in different ways to perform in a Rap style as well as with controlled melody. We then used untuned percussion to play along with pulses of different speed before we moved on to using the tuned instruments of the Glockenspiel and the Recorder. 

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating our new knowledge and skills with our families. We performed our oral retelling of The Gunpowder Plot and shared with them the cross curricular art work and writing we have completed in relation to our history topic. Thank you very much to everybody who joined us!

Other Faiths: Judaism.

We enjoyed exploring a different religion this week and especially liked learning the story of Moses leading his people to The Promised land which we represented ourselves in a variety of visual ways. 

Godly Play: The Nativity

What a truely wonderful time we had with Mrs. Fawcett exploring the awe and wonder of the Nativity story. Magical moments! 

Read Write Inc Fun!

We just couldn't read the book 'The dressing up box' without exploring Mrs. Birch's selection of costumes and what wonderful sentences we wrote as a result of our experiences!

Exploring Our Senses

How brave we were during our senses carousel activities- smelling, feeling, tasting and guessing. Chocolate was certainly our favourite but the lemon was a  shock for our taste buds!

Composers of music!

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We have been learning about body percussion as well as percussion instruments. We wrote two compositions of our own and were proud to perform them to the class. Here are a few performances for you to enjoy!

Another composition.

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Folk Art: Making bracelets for Mother's Day!

We worked very hard making our own looms with which to weave our bracelets as part of our gift bundles for our wonderful Mummys! They certainly seemed to like them. 
As we further explored Folk art, we enjoyed having a go at painting rocks using acrylic paint and a variety of layered dots and stripes. 

Geography: Exploring maps.

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring a range of maps. We are becoming very good at understanding a bird's eye view as well as the typical thinks you would find within a town or city like Hereford. 
What a wonderful afternoon we had with Ruth's Grandma Fishlock! She told us all about what life was like for her when she was our age and brought in many wonderful artefacts for us to explore. We asked ourselves, 'What was the same? What was different?'

Bonds to 10

We explored the number bonds to 10 using various resources. Then we made up our own stories to help 'lock' them into our memory. We used this knowledge to create many addition and subtraction number sentences and were amazed how helpful number bonds can be to so many areas of maths!

Multi- skills

We had a wonderful time getting active and practising our skills with some of our friends from St.Mary's High School.
The children were very excited to go on their Easter Egg Hunt and they were thrilled when they found an egg!

Class Invitation

It was wonderful to welcome so many parents into Year 1 for our Easter craft session.

World Book Day

Being scientific - making predictions

The children gave some fantastic answers about how they could ensure that this investigation was a 'fair test'. They made some great predictions about which surface would allow the car to travel the furthest and were able to explain why they thought that. They were then able to use their measuring skills from their recent maths lessons to measure and record how far the car travelled. 

Liturgical dance

We had a lovely time interpreting the words of the 'Our Father' in dance. You can see how much effort and expression Fergus managed to put into his performance. 

Being scientific, mathematical and logical!

Father Christmas needed our help to make the right size gloves and boots for his elves. We investigated whether if you have big hands you also have big feet. This helped us gain further scientific knowledge about the human body and we were able to use many of the measuring skills we have been practising in maths. 
The children made our school so proud with their fantastic singing and dancing. Thank you to all our family and friends who came to support us. We hope you enjoyed the show!
We enjoyed our cross curricular art and science lessons where we used our knowledge and observations of the changing seasons to create our 2019 calendars. We explored colour and texture through our collage and our fingerprints made perfect leaves!
We were so very excited to have our families visiting us in class. We impressed them with our retelling of 'The Gunpowder Plot' and they enjoyed reading our biographies of Guy Fawkes. We went on to show our charcoal portraits of Guy Fawkes and compare them with our pencil self portaits and Van Gogh pastel portraits. Thank you so much to our parents, siblings and grandparents for taking the time to join us in our classroom!  

Number bonds

We have been using Cuisenaire rods to explore number bonds. Look at how well Joslin systematically created number bonds to 7 and wrote addition number sentences to match. 

Interviewing special people in our local parishes

What an exciting time we had interviewing special people from our local parishes. Mrs. Pearce told us about her reading in Mass, Ruth's Daddy told us what is involved in playing the organ and Mylo's Grandma told us how she organises the choir. We enjoyed making our guests feel welcome in our classroom.

Design and Technology

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We designed and made our own lunch boxes to help our pirate friends. Take a look at our design journey!

Key Stage 1 choir

Please listen to these to become familiar with our songs for the Herefordshire festival.