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Long Term Plan: History and Geography

History at St Francis Xavier's Primary School

Pupil Views by the School Council 


Henry, "In History, we learn what is was like a long time ago and how people used to live. Sometimes we watch videos, read non-fiction books and we use the internet to research. We use Powerpoint and Book Creator to show what we have found out." 

Zofia, "In History we sometimes do Art which makes our learning fun. We make maps of different places."

Ben, "I like History because it is interesting to learn about what has happened in the past and how people use to live. It is exciting to learn about what the world was like before technology!"

Freya, "The best thing I like about history is learning about the every day life and comparing it to how we live. It is really funny to see furniture and old washing machines before electricity."  

Keria, "I like learning about Ancient Egypt. We learned all about Shadufs which were used to collect water from the River Nile. We made our own out of clay which was fun."

As part of their literacy topic, Year 4 investigated WW2 and experienced an evacuation to Great Malvern.

Year 5 Victorians and visit to Black Country Museum

Visiting Hereford Cathedral and learning about Saxon history.

Year 4 remembering all the people whose lives were lost in the different wars.