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‘The Spirit of God Shines in Our Hearts'

Year 4

Year 4 Class Teachers


Mrs M Green and Mrs E Caswell


Teaching Assistant - Miss Featherstone

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Class Blog

Please visit our class blog (Seesaw) where we upload photos and work from the children.

Password and username can be obtained from school.



We ask that you read daily with your child and record their reading at home in their Reading Record. Your child needs to bring their Reading Record into school every Thursday where it will be checked - please make sure an adult has signed it daily. To be a monthly book worm, you must have it signed.


There is an excellent choice of books on this website:

The children also now have access to Bug Club so can enjoy reading books on screen. The children will need to use their username and password (stuck into their reading record) to log in.


Times tables

Don't forget to keep practising your times tables - you will need to answer each question in 6 seconds for the Times Table Check in June. It really supports your calculation and problem solving. Each week we focus on a different times table and the children are tested on them every Tuesday. 



 Homework will be set roughly every 2-3 weeks. You can find details of the homework task on Seesaw. A paper copy of the task will also be provided for their Learning Log. Homework can be completed in their log or uploaded to Seesaw. The children will also have a times tables to learn. 



Spellings are based on the Year 3 and 4 word list. They will be given out on Thursdays and the test will be on the following Tuesday. 



 In Year 4, the children do PE every Thursday. On this day, the children can come to school wearing their PE Kit. There is no need to send uniform in on this day. We will try to get outside as much as possible even if it is a bit chilly so please make sure they are wearing appropriate PE Kit. Full list of kit can be found on the website under the 'Parents' tab (School uniform).


Improve your child's reading.

What is a fronted adverbial?

Investigating the digestive system.

The stained glass designs are finished.

Our stained glass window designs are taking shape.

We love reading!

We can code using Scratch.

We conclude that Coke and Ribena are very bad for your teeth. That’s why we drink water at SFX.

I love reading! The children listened to The Firebird by Saviour Pirotta and discussed the dilemmas in the book.

Godly Play - Learning about God's great plan.

Investigating and making predictions about which drinks attack the enamel on our teeth.

St Vincent's House Aseembly

Being inspired by the stained glass windows in Hereford Cathedral for our art topic.

Investigating our teeth.

Futsal at Point 4

Placing numbers to 10,000 on a number line

What a fantastic range of extreme reading places!

Maths is so much fun!

Times Table Games and Hints

Year 3 and 4 Spelling List

Year 4 2018-2019

Science Day at St Mary’s School.

Clay sculptures inspired by Henry Moore and local sculptures in Hereford.

Aylestone Sports Day

Year 4's Assembly - Building Bridges

The electric cars are ready to race!

The electric cars are ready to race!

Year 4 visited Stocks Farm to learn about growing apples, hops and making beer.

Some children from Year 4 were interviewed by BBC Hereford and Worcester about their prayer cards. Father Micheal sent the cards to comfort the families in Sri Lanka who had lost loved ones on Easter Sunday.

The frame is constructed for the electric car.

Programming using Lego We Do.

Creating Easter scenes for cards after watching Year 5’s Passion Play.

Congratulations Zofia - you are now an altar server.

I wonder if the parents can crack Morse Code?

Learning about the Easter Mystery in Godly Play.

Hot-gluing, drilling and assembling the frame ready for the electrical circuit and the body.

Measuring and cutting the wood frame for the electric car.

Stop the Drop at SFX

Understanding how Peter felt when Jesus washed his feet.

Our amazing new adventure playground!

Is it easy to live out God’s ways? Year 4 investigated the scripture from Luke 6 and discussed why it is sometimes difficult.

Investigating insulators and conductors. Does a pencil conduct electricity?

We love learning about volcanoes.

British Science Week - we investigated if Salt Dough conducted electricity using LEDs.

Investigating circuits....

Saving energy at SFX - last one out, lights out!

Saying goodbye to our super student Ben

Writing our own Penitential Act

World Book Day

Having fun on Shrove Tuesday.

Creating a Scratch game called ‘Slug Trail’ using and building on our knowledge from Smoking Car.

Creating shapes in STEM Club.

Exploring electrical appliances in school. Do they run on batteries or mains electricity?

Using P4C to explore the RE topic, Giving and Receiving.

Having fun making pizza at Pizza Express.

Learning about a European country in Geography. Mr Walker, our teaching student planned an exciting and informative lesson demonstrating creative PowerPoint skills. The children completed a PowerPoint about their chosen country.

Year 4 wrote thoughtful prayer cards for St Francis Xavier’s church.

Hereford Art College taught Year 4 about Maud and the Dragon. Their focus was Herefordshire folk art. The children had an amazing day learning new drawing techniques and they created their own dragon. 

Can you design a pair of ear muffs to block out sound for Toffee? Which sound proofing material is most effective?

When I grow up.....

Respect and Tolerance Week. Year 4’s focus was the work of Martin Luther King and how he fought for the equality of black people. The children wrote personal versions of the ‘I have a dream speech.’

Our RE topic is Community. The children discussed the importance of belonging to different communities and the responsibility involved.

This term our PE focus is High-five and fitness work to improve our core strength.

Our fabulous KS2 Nativity Carol Concert.

Learning to make pastry for scrumptious mince pies.

Proud parents!

Year 4’s Poetry Morning. The children learned a poem and performed it to their parents using intonation, volume and expression. They were amazing!

Year 4’s Assembly - Faith filled and hopeful.

Year 4 were evacuated today! Thankfully they were safe in the countryside away from the Hereford bombs.

What amazing learning logs!

Investigating tooth decay and how to prevent it.

Using role play the children learned about birthrights in God’s family and how Jacob tricked Issac into giving him Esau’s.

Using number lines to position numbers to 10,000

Coding using scratch

Investigating the types and function of our teeth.

Tag Rugby

Investigating our family history and God’s family in RE.

Writing prayers for our family and hanging them on our prayer tree.

Playing ‘tails’ in preparation for tag rugby.

SFX are banning disposable water bottles this term to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans.

Celebrating Maths 8+

Helping parents to enjoy mathematics with their children.