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Design and Technology

Design and Technology Policy

Pupil Voice 

Year 1

Harry, “In D.T you make something to do a job. I like doing D.T because we get to make things to do a job like my dad does too! He fixes things like my mum’s car and one day I can fix things too. It is fun but hard!”

Jovlin, “You can use a safety pin, sew it, glue it or tape it together.  I used purple felt and used the paper. We are learning pinning, gluing, taping, cutting, running stitch. I like D.T because it is fun because we get to cut things out.”


Year 2

Isla, “In Year 1 we had fabric and had to use different things to stick in down like glue, stitching, and pins and had to stick different materials. We then practised what we were going to do for our fabric face. Then we made our faces with sewing and sticking. It was very fun and it was a good challenge.

In cooking this year we made challah to link with R.E. We used egg, flour, milk, yeast which makes it go higher. Flour comes from wheat.”


Year 3

William, “In Year 2, the pirates sent a message and they wanted us to make them a lunchbox to stop the seagulls and the mermaids kept trying to steal their lunch. It had to be waterproof.  We did a first test and then changed it.”

Fergus, “Design Technology is when you design something and then you test if it works. We made a stone age stew where we mixed different berries like strawberries.  We mixed the berries with mint to give it flavour. The berries have come from berries which Miss Thompson picked in summer then put in the freezer. The honey comes from bees in a hive."


Year 4

Charlotte, “D.T is really fun because you can put your own ideas into it. I could think of a name and wrapper for my product. After you have made your product and tasted it, you think about what you like and what you can improve.”


Year 5

Klaudia, “I enjoy D.T because we get to be creative and design our own products. We can evaluate our products and improve them. When we made our soup we learnt cutting skills, mixing and cooking skills. In our sewing product (Y5) we have been learning running stitch, blanket stitch and back stitch. We are making a reusable bag so that we don’t waste plastic bags.”


Year 6

Kornelsusz, “Design Technology is when you make something to see how something works or for a purpose. When we evaluate our product we see if we can make it better. This is like when you edit your writing. In Geography, we are learning about South America so we are going to be making food which links to this.

I love D.T because there are lots of skills and you have to test things, measure things and change things. You have to put lots of work in but you are really proud of it in the end."



The world's chocolate disappears again! Year 4 research the market, design, create and evaluate their own chocolate bar. The results were scrumptious!

Reception Children make their dinosaurs

The Chocopocolypse! Is this the end of chocolate? After extensive research in the sweet isles, Year 4 designed and created their own chocolate just in case the chocopocolypse strikes SFX.

Still image for this video

Examples of the children’s chocolate research and designs.

Year 6 South American food technology

The electric car is ready to race!

Hot gluing, drilling and constructing the frame ready for the electrical circuit and the car body.

Designing an electric car body and measuring and cutting the wood for the frame.

Year 1: Design, Make and Evaluate lunchboxes

Still image for this video

Design and make Eiffel Tower on French Day

Making pizza is not as easy as I thought..... I can’t wait to try at home.

Year 4 Trip to Pizza Express

Year Five Science/ Design Technology Egg Drop Challenge