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Design and Technology Long Term Plan

School Council interview about Design and Technology 


Freya (Year 4), "Recently we made our electric cars and we got to race them over the field. We designed it using different measurements on a large piece of card. We used our science learning to wire it with our knowledge of electricity. I enjoyed it because it was a close competition!"

Ben (Year 5), "During different celebrations, like Easter, we get to make things! We made a model of Jesus' tomb using different materials like card and paper. It was fun!"

Imogen (Year 2), "We got lots of different cardboard boxes and painted them black and white. We used straw to make a roof because that's what houses use to be made out of. Then a fireman came and we burnt them safely. We learnt a lot about the Great Fire of London and how materials burn. My favourite part was setting it on fire!"

Henry (Year 4), "We walked to Pizza Express and we learnt step by step how to make our very own pizzas. We learnt about food hygiene. It was exciting and interesting." 

Ben (Year 5), "To raise money for CAFOD we made biscuits and name tags." 

Zofia (Year 3), "At Brownies in school we designed a Royal Wedding Badge and made cakes. We designed dresses to predict what Meghan's dress would be like!"

Keira. "We made bread in R.E because we learnt about what Jewish people eat." 


Reception Children make their dinosaurs

The Chocopocolypse! Is this the end of chocolate? After extensive research in the sweet isles, Year 4 designed and created their own chocolate just in case the chocopocolypse strikes SFX.

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Examples of the children’s chocolate research and designs.

Year 6 South American food technology

The electric car is ready to race!

Hot gluing, drilling and constructing the frame ready for the electrical circuit and the car body.

Designing an electric car body and measuring and cutting the wood for the frame.

Year 1: Design, Make and Evaluate lunchboxes

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Design and make Eiffel Tower on French Day

Making pizza is not as easy as I thought..... I can’t wait to try at home.

Year 4 Trip to Pizza Express

Year Five Science/ Design Technology Egg Drop Challenge