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Pupil voice on Computing

Ben (Year 5): We use a program called Scratch which is how we learn to do Coding. We write a script to make a Sprite move. We use this to make maze games. We customise the design of our game by changing the backgound. In our school, there are Digital Leaders who help children who do not understand their work or are struggling to use the technology. On SID (Safer Internet Day) we all made our own puzzle piece about how we can stay safe online."

Christina (Year 5): "We used Google pages to make our own websites"

Ashin (Year 6): "We learn about staying safe when using the computers, like only going on websties that our teachers have approved."

Sophie (Year 6): "In computing, we go on Bitesize to help us to revise our maths skills."

Zofia (Year 3): "We made a powerpoint all about our Holy Communion prayers. We learnt about changing the style of the font and copy and pasting pictures from the internet."

Henry (Year 4): "We use Book creator and powerpoint to make presentations about things we have learned in other subjects, like the History of Herefordshire. We use the iPad and the laptops. It is important to use the computers appropriately and safely."

Meet our digital leaders - we are here to help.

Digital Leaders

Filming at SFX!

 Year 4, in conjunction with Catcher Media and Mark Sanderson Computing, used archived photographs from the local photographer Derek Evans, to create an iMovie film about Hop Picking. They wrote the scenes and filmed them on location at Stocks Farm, Cradley. They interviewed the experts, Ali Capper and John Pudge from The Hop Pocket. They recorded the backing track ‘Hopping Down in Stocks’, created their own music using Garage Band and wrote stories and poems for the film. The film was screened at the Odeon on Wednesday 11th July 2018 and can be watched on 

You can also catch up with us in the Hereford Times -

Please watch some of the scenes below.


The Hopper’s Hut

Still image for this video

The Crib Scene

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The Fire Scene

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Celebrating at The Hereford Odeon

Celebrating at The Hereford Odeon 1

We won ‘Best Directed Film!’

We won ‘Best Directed Film!’ 1

Green screen technology comes to SFX!

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We have recently invested in a green screen and using the iPad app children have been creating their own videos! This has been used in R.E to interview characters, English to create our own news broadcasts and lots more exciting ideas to come...

Cross-curricular computing!

Year 4 using the app Popplet in RE

Scratch in Year 5

Computing in Reception.

Advent in Year 1

Creating Christmas Trees using Picollage

Year 4 creating a racing car game using Scratch.